How to avoid video TDR Failure

Video TDR failure
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What is TDR

TDR stands for the Timeout Detection and Recovery component of the windows. In the TDR, the graphic display driver in the installed graphic card stops working due to which window will stop and restart the driver to resolve the issue. Video TDR failure lowers the working speed of the PC.

The blue screen of death errors is more commonly observed in window 10. In these errors, the primary issue is the corrupted system file or hard drive trouble. These errors are also related to graphic cards that are installed in the windows.

Reason for TDR Failure 

One of the most common reasons for Video TDR failure of windows is the over-loading of graphic devices. If the graphic method is being used more than its overall capacity, it causes the TDR failure. Similarly, the visual load is also increased due to the playing of excessive graphic games.

Another reason is that its normal working is disturbed when you use a large number of graphic resources like the resources used in editing or creating videos.

If you are using third-party apps on the PC, this might be this problem. All the reasons ultimately overload the graphic device and due to which video TDR failure occurs.

Methods to Fix Video TDR Failure

For fixing video TDR failure in windows, you need to do some specific ways by which you can avoid this trouble.

If you operate your PC and you have BSOD appear on the screen. You have to adopt some method for resolving this trouble. If in case, you are unable to start PC due to the immediate appearance of Video TDR failure, choose the safe mode for further operation of the computer.

Here are some of the methods by which you can resolve the trouble caused by video tdr failure. 

Video TDR failure

1. Video Driver Update 

The significant issues caused in the normal working of the computer are due to the old driver. Graphics card driver, including video tdr failure atikmpag.sys, video tdr failure igdkmd64.sys, and video tdr failure nvlddmkm.Sys should be updated if you are facing blue screen error in your device.

2. Use compatible driver 

In many cases, it has been observed that you faced video tdr failure just because you are using incompatible graphic card driver. Incompatible card driver means either your card is latest and you want to operate in the older device or your card is older and it is unable to work in an older PC. For resolving this issue, you need to roll back on the compatible version.

3. Reinstall video card driver 

Window 10 video TDR failure often occurs due to incompatible card drivers in spite of rolling back it. It means that you need to reinstall the best suitable card driver in your PC to avoid video tdr failure.  

4. Solve video tdr failure atikmpag sys

You have seen blue screen error in the driver name atikmpag.sys along with BSOD name. This issue can be resolve by the methods mentioned above, but if you face it again, you should follow these steps to sort out the problem.

Go to C:\windows\drivers\ and find atikmpag.sys.

Now rename the system file accordingly. You can also delete the older name, but it is better to rename it.

You can also reinstall the driver by following the given steps

Open C:/ ATI and select the file named atikmdag.sy_

Copy this file to the desktop and open the start menu of the window

Type ‘cmd’ and right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ option and select the run as an administrator

Run the command expand –r atimkmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys

After finishing the whole process, copy the newly made atikmdag.sys file to C: driver.

Restart the PC and your issue will be resolved.

5. Solve video tdr failure related to nvlddmkm.sys 

If you are using NVIDIA GPU, this causes blue screen of death due to nvlddmkm.sys inappropriate working. You need to uninstall the NVIDIA driver and reinstall it. This uninstalling and reinstalling will help you to fix video tdr failure.

6. Fix Video tdr failure by removing dump files 

If you are facing video tdr failure in window 10, this may be caused by the dump files present in the device which are the main cause of blue screen of death. You just have to remove all such files by analyzing them rightly. It will help to resolve this issue.

7. Fix video tdr failure of igdkmd64.sys

Blue screen of death can be related to igdkmd64.sys. This error majorly stops the video tdr and it will lead to the blue screen of the device. To resolve the issue, open the command prompt as an administrator, the run the command ‘chkdsk/f/rC: Here, you can change the driver from C to D: for the local disk. After that, press the Y button from the keyboard and then enter. After all the processing, restart your PC.

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