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If you want to know about windows superfetch or if you are facing troubles on your computer due to service host superfetch disk usage, you have reached the right place.

Read below to find out what is windows superfetch, and how you can fix the superfetch on windows, be it superfetch windows 7 or windows 10.

What is Service Host Superfetch?

Windows Superfetch was created and mounted into the Windows Vista in order to help the memory of your computer system, and make it run faster. It helps to speed up the operations for third-party apps that are controlling the programs of your windows system. It also boosts the processes for simple tasks such as opening up a document, deleting a folder and vice versa.

If you’re wondering how it does that, it’s simple: It stores and fetches all kinds of data from RAM directly into the computer which makes everything work more rapidly and in a more resourceful way.

To make it easier for you, it has the same mechanism as a system cache working on your computer. The cache is stored data, which makes sure that the next time you visit a web page, it loads faster. Same is the case with Service Host Superfetch, which aids you in loading data faster by reading the data directly on to the hard drive

What are the benefits of Service Host Superfetch?

Service host superfetch disk usage comes with a lot of benefits for your hard drive, which is why it is an essential part of your windows system. After all, there is no point in having a built-in program and feature inside a windows system if there is no benefit for it.

Here are the four benefits of having a service host superfetch

  1. It improves the overall speed of your windows. As a result, your programs take lesser time to start or boot
  2. It puts the least pressure on the hard drive. Since the data is already stored, the hard drive doesn’t have to work repeatedly to fetch the data. The data is already available at its convenience, so the hard drive doesn’t crumble before its time.
  3. It saves your time and improves overall user experience by helping you load things faster

Since it already knows your usage pattern, it becomes easier for your windows to process things. Consequently, there are lesser bugs.


When does service host superfetch disk usage becomes a problem for the users?

Every good thing has its limits. For superfetch to work properly, it is important that it has the right hardware installed. In case you don’t have the updated hardware installed, service host superfetch can become a problem for you.

Let me make this easier for you by giving an example. Imagine you are riding a bicycle and you accord an engine to your bicycle to make it run faster. Now the engine would definitely make your bicycle go about at a faster pace, but the problem is that your bicycle is not built strong enough to handle the pressure that is now set up on to it with the engine. The bicycle would hardly last a while and then disintegrate into pieces.

In the same way, Superfetch works to make your experience faster and more efficient and helps windows to operate in a more swift way by catching up on all the data.

But what if the operating system is fast, but the hardware is slow?

In that case, your windows and hardware would have a clash and end up causing a high disk usage.

Is the service host high disk usage dangerous?

To be very honest, service host high disk usage is a pretty risky command. When it appears, it means that your RAM is revamped with data and as a result, your computer is maxed out on its ability to receive signals from input and output devices. Nevertheless, you don’t really need to worry since even though your computer takes some time but then again it eventually clears up the RAM and reduces disk usage on its own.

If you think about it, this service is a blessing in disguise since it not only makes things run faster for you but also fixes itself if things go wide off the mark.

How to disable the service host superfetch windows 10

Even though there is absolutely no need of disabling the service, if you feel like your computer is lagging due to your RAM being jam-packed with unnecessary files, you can disable the service.

Follow these steps to disable the superfetch from service

Step 1: On your Desktop Screen, Press the Windows button with the R button. These commands will launch a run dialogue box

Step 2: On the search bar of the run dialogue bar, please type ‘Services.msc’ and press enter

Step 3: You’ll see a list of services opened up in a new window. Right-click on the ‘Superfetch’ option and scroll down to find ‘Properties’

Step 4: Click on the properties option, and then click on the ‘Stop’ option.

Step 5: in the middle of the window, you’ll see a ‘startup type’ menu. Click on it and select ‘Disabled’ option.

Step 6: Your service host superfetch is disabled from your computer. You can easily use the same method for superfetch windows 7 as well.

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